Previewing your product will let you see what it looks like to your customer after they've signed up for it.

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Previewing your products as a customer

Step 1: click on Products in the top navigation bar.

On the product you want to preview the product page of, click on "..." and select "View As Customer" from the dropdown.

If it's an online course...

Once on the Preview page, click directly on each lesson on the left to preview any of the content:

As the admin, you'll be able to click on each lesson from the left contents bar and preview any of the content.

Note: Clicking on "Get Access" WON'T work. Make sure you navigate using the left sidebar.

If it's a digital download...

We'll list out the files for you to preview:

It will say "Get access" on the right as it's a preview and not meant to be downloaded at this time, but your customer will see a download button instead, like this:

I can't preview my course! HELP!

If you're not seeing this page, you may be logged in as a student for your own store (you'll see /dashboard in the URL after your store link.)

More on that here but if you first log out of your student dashboard, you can click to preview your product page to get the "Table of contents" view instead:

If you are still having trouble seeing this page and are instead getting the sales page, try clearing your browser history and cookies! That usually clears it up 😃

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