Want to automatically engage with your audience? Creating a campaign is the ticket for engaging customers after they've performed a specific action, like signing up for a free webinar, or purchasing an online course or membership.

Want to watch a video about how to use Email Marketing in Podia? We have you covered! 📹 👀

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve made it super simple to build sales funnels. Not only can you choose entrance conditions for your campaigns, but we support exit conditions as well 🎉

Here’s an example campaign funnel you could create:

  1. Entrance condition: send an email same day (0 days) after enrolling in a free product.

  2. Fourteen days later, send an email to check in on progress and steer them toward a paid product.

  3. Exit condition: once they purchase said product, they’re taken out of the campaign

Ready to create your campaign? Here’s how, complete with a full sales funnel:

Step 1: Click on "Email" in the top navigation bar:

Step 2: Click the "Create" button at the top right of the screen. Next, select the New campaign to create a new email campaign:

Here, you’ll be able to set your Campaign name (just so you can quickly reference in your campaign lists). You’ll also be able to select your Entrance condition. Once you choose your condition, you can select the product trigger in the menu to the right:

You can also set up Exit conditions as needed. You can choose between a Purchase product exit condition, or for Memberships, choose Subscribes to plan. Just like the Entrance condition above, you will choose the product in the menu to the right:

Heads up: if anyone meets an exit condition at the time of subscribing, they won’t get enrolled into the campaign. Also, emails cannot be set to send out on the same day. If you would like your customers to receive more than one email, we recommend having two different campaigns.

This is what the full funnel will look like:

Now, onto the fun part! Creating your emails 💌

This is where you’ll set your delays and craft each message in the campaign:

Note: if you’d like to trigger the first email to go out on the same day as the product is purchased, make sure you set the Send after to 0 days after entrance.

You’ll also want to toggle each specific email to Active in order to send with the campaign. Once you’re done with your emails, you can either select Finish later to maintain your draft. Ready to go live instead? Choose Start campaign 🏁

Forgot to save your campaign? Don’t even sweat it 😅 Anything you draft up will be autosaved so you can hop right back into creating your campaign! You'll also receive a warning in red text if you're missing any crucial information before saving.

You’ll probably want to know how your campaign is performing, so we’ve made it simple to get an overview of your Campaign metrics. Just select your campaign from your Campaign list, and voila! You’ll have your stats beautifully presented 🚀

Still have questions about Campaigns? Not to worry; help is just around the corner! Click the purple chat icon at the bottom right, or email [email protected] and our friendly support team will be there to cheer you on ☀️

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