Note: If you're looking to presell your product i.e. start collecting money for it before it's ready, look at How to set a start date for your product.

What does setting my product to pre-launch mean?

This means you no longer have to stay stuck in “Draft mode” before launch  —  you can start gathering email addresses as soon as you have the idea or begin building your product.

Here's what pre-launch looks like (you can customize the design, but not the email capture):

How it works

When creating an online course or download, there are three conceivable states you’d want it to be in:

  1. Draft (just visible to you)
  2. Pre-launch (collect emails before launch)
  3. Published (available for purchase)

Pre-launch (aka #2 above) works like this:

Yep. It’s that simple.

All you have to do is change your product to Pre-launch to begin collecting email addresses as soon as you’d like. No more waiting for launch or hacking together some janky solution.

Here’s what it looks like:

What is the difference between a pre-launch or published product?

There are two key differences between a Pre-launch and Published product.

On the sales page of a pre-launch product…

  1. The Table of Contents is hidden: so you can continue to work on it behind-the-scenes
  2. We’ve added two email captures: one at the top of the page and one below the product description

What happens when someone signs up during pre-launch?

Anyone who signs up during the “Pre-launch” phase will be tagged as a “Pre-launch customer” for that product.

While you continue to develop your product, you can send campaign emails or broadcasts to your pre-launch customers as a way to keep them engaged.

After you launch your product, you can email your pre-launch customer list and entice them to buy (coupon time!).

Anyone who purchases will be automatically moved from the “Pre-launch customer” list into the main “Customer” list; the people who did not convert will remain in the “Pre-launch customer” list, which will allow you reach out again in the future.

Ready to turn some of your Draft courses into Pre-launch courses?

Awesome! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log in to your Podia account
  2. Click on Products at the top
  3. Click on the name of the product you want to pre-launch
  4. Change your product from “Draft” to “Pre-launch” by clicking the dropdown at the top

That’s it. Easy peasy, right?

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