You can sign up customers directly into your product just by entering their email addresses.

They'll receive an email that they're now signed up and all they need to do is click a link in the email to set a password and create their account.

Step 1: Go to Products

Step 2: Click on "..." next to the product you'd like to invite a customer to and choose "Invite customer..."

A window will pop up asking for their email address:

Type in their email address and click "Invite customer" to give this person free access to your product.

Select the 'Subscribe customer to product emails' to opt them in to receiving marketing emails from your site 🎉

(Note: they will need to confirm this option upon account creation. Customers can always choose to opt-out of marketing emails whenever they want to)

Your customer will get an automated email that looks like this with your logo and color palette:

All they'll have to do is click the link to set a password. If they already have an account with you, they'll receive a welcome email instead with a link to login:

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