Connect your Podia account

See our article on Connecting Podia to Zapier

Note: This Zapier action is only available on Shaker/Earthquaker. You can change your Podia Plan at anytime here.

Configuring Podia with Thrivecart in Zapier

Before you can enroll customers in a Product user Zapier, you need to set up Zapier in ThriveCart.

To access the Zapier app in ThriveCart, you first have to request access through your Settings > Integrations > Zapier  area in your ThriveCart dashboard.

The first step is to go to the Settings area:

Then go to Integrations:

At the bottom of the list, you can see the option for Zapier. Clicking that will launch a new window. You will either need to log into or create a Zapier account.

Then you'll just need to accept the invite to the ThriveCart Zapier app:

Once that's all set up, you can start enrolling customers into Products using Zapier.

Please note: While we’re happy to help with any issues taking place on our end, we aren’t able to access your accounts with those other tools, which limits the support we can offer. We encourage reaching out directly to the third-party tools for help getting them working.

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