After uploading a video to your online course, you might want to add a custom thumbnail. A thumbnail is what a person sees before clicking the play button.

Here's an example of a custom thumbnail that Mackenzie added to his video:

Step 1: Switch to the "Content" tab of your Online Course

Once you've got your Content open, either click the video icon (example below) or the name of the video itself.

Step 2: Upload your thumbnail

Drag and drop a custom thumbnail from your computer and then click Save.

Once you're done uploading the thumbnail, you'll see it replace the video icon:

Even though your thumbnail will upload immediately, it could take up to a few minutes to process and show up on your video. You may at first see something like this:

Step 3: Preview your new thumbnail

Once your thumbnail is processed -- this example took about 30 seconds -- you'll see your new thumbnail:

If you ever want to replace your custom thumbnail, just follow the same steps as above. 👍

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