This feature is only available in v1.3.0 and higher. 

Connect your Podia account

See our article on Connecting Podia to Zapier

Note: This Zapier action is only available on Shaker/Earthquaker. You can change your Podia Plan at anytime here.

Only free subscription plans can be used with the Zapier integration but they can be hidden from your Podia site if you don't want to make that plan public. 

Additionally, your members should only be enrolled into one membership at a time; Think of it as a gym community, or a subscription to a streaming service. While with this integration, we don’t block the subscription to more than one plan, your customer’s dashboard will only reflect one of the memberships they are enrolled in, not all.

Example Zapier walkthrough

Here's a walkthrough of how to create a zap using Google Sheets and Podia.

If you want to see an example shopping cart integration, check out our help doc on enrolling a customer in a product but instead of "Enroll a customer" choose "Subscribe a customer".

In this example, we'll create a zap which takes new rows of customer data from a spreadsheet and subscribes that customer to a free membership plan in Podia. 

Trigger step using Google Sheets

Create your Google Sheet:

Select the Google Sheet integration:

Select "New Spreadsheet Row":

Then connect your Google account
Now, select your spreadsheet and worksheet: 

Add a test row to your spreadsheet so Zapier can find some data:

Action step using Podia

Select the Podia integration:

Select "Subscribe a customer": 

Connect your Podia account: 

Choose the plan to subscribe the customer to: 

Map the spreadsheet values to the First name, Last name, and Email in Podia: 

Choose whether the Podia should send the customer an email with their registration link.
This should always be turned on unless you intend to create a subsequent step to email the customer yourself with their unique registration link.

Test the integration: 

Finish, name your zap, and turn it on: 

In operation

Now, when ever you add new rows to the spreadsheet… 

You may have to wait up to 15mins for Zapier's Google Sheet integration to check your spreadsheet changes and trigger your zap. Once Zapier find a new row, it will add that customer to your membership plan.
You can see the new member appear in your Podia dashboard:

…and in the Zapier task history

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