Bundles let you combine two or more products together and sell them as a package.

Note: Product bundles are available with our Shaker/Earthquaker Plans. You can read more about our pricing structure here.

It’s a great way to generate additional revenue by:

  • Offering multiple products for a single price (that’s lower than the sum of the original prices)

  • Incentivizing prospects to purchase a new product (by including another product with their purchase)

  • Creating customized bundles for different customer personas (e.g. “The Course Creator Bundle”, “The Blogger Bundle”, etc…)

In this article:

How to create a product bundle

Step 1: To create your first Bundle, head over to the Products tab and click on the "Create Product" button in the upper right.

Then, give your product a name and select "Bundle" at the bottom of this list.

Step 2: On the next screen, you can choose which products you'd like to bundle together.

Simply use the toggles to add or remove products from your product bundle.

Step 3: The rest of the process is just like putting together an online course or digital download; you'll want to set a price for your bundle and write a sales page before changing the Bundle's status to "Published". 

Step 4: Once you're ready to Publish, simply hit the Publish button at the upper right.

Note: a Bundle must have at least two products added to it in order to be "Published"

And that's it! Your bundle is ready to sell 💰


What if I want to add or remove a product from a bundle? Does my existing audience gain or lose the product?

If you add a product to a bundle, all your current enrollees will receive access to the new bundled product. If they are already a part of one of the courses they will retain their place in the course.

However, if you remove a product from a bundle, current enrollees will retain their access. The removal will only impact new customers.

If you ever have any questions about bundles or anything else, reach out to us at hello@podia.com (or click the icon below to chat with us 😉).

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