If you’re wondering about the difference between Online Courses, Community and Digital Downloads, then you’re in the right place 😉

As an all-in-one digital storefront, Podia lets you sell all three of these product types.

This article will explain the difference between them and help you decide which to choose.

Online Courses: Best for teaching students how to achieve a specific outcome

The goal of an Online Course is to help a student achieve a specific outcome.

Some examples of that might be:

As you can see, each of these courses promises a specific result. 

Students pay for access to your course once (though you can also offer a payment plan to make your course more affordable).  

Community: Best for building long-term relationships with ongoing value

The goal of a community site is to deliver ongoing value over time. Unlike a course, a Community doesn’t “end”.

Some examples are:

Communities are great for building long-term relationships with your members.

Members pay for access to your Membership every month (or every year for annual Memberships), so you’ll get recurring revenue rather than earning money one time for each sale.

Digital Downloads: Best for delivering a single file or set of files

Digital Downloads are a great way to sell individual files or sets of files. They don’t necessarily have to teach a specific outcome, though some do:

As you can see, Digital Downloads are perfect for products like eBooks, worksheets, templates and single “lessons” that aren’t part of a larger course.

Like Online Courses, customers pay for access to your Digital Download once (though you can also offer a payment plan to make your product more affordable).  

Questions? We’re here to help 

We hope this helps you choose the right product type for your next project.

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