Upsells are a great way to increase the size of your orders by giving your customer a great deal on adding additional products to their purchase.

You can set up an upsell for any online course or digital download by going to the product’s Pricing tab, and scrolling down to the “Upsells” section.

Step 1: Choose your upsells

Click “Add an upsell” and choose which additional products (or membership plan) you’d like to offer when a customer makes a purchase.

We won’t display anything that the customer already has access to.

Step 2: Set your discounts

Select the discount you’d like to offer for each additional product. The bigger the discount, the higher you can expect your upsell conversion rate to be!

Step 3: Arrange your upsells

Drag and drop your upsell products to change the order in which they appear.

Now, when a customer purchases that product from you, they’ll be able to easily add these additional deals to their order.

Note: You can add upsells to a free/100% discounted product, however the upsells themselves cannot also be free.

Have any questions about upsells? Just email us at [email protected] or shoot us a message on live chat.

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