When you or someone else shares a link to your Site or sales page on social media like Facebook or Twitter, the link can automatically include an image.

Podia’s got you covered! You can add images to your homepage and custom pages and these will appear whenever a link is shared on social media!

These images are pulled from the “Preview image” field and these can be edited using Podia’s Site Editor:

Step 1: Access the Podia Site Editor and click on the page dropdown menu, in the left upper corner.

Step 2: Choose the page you want to upload your meta image to and click on the “Page settings” icon next to it:

Step 3: Upload the image into the Preview Image field:

Image requirements ⚠️

- AT LEAST 1200x630px for better compatibility across all social media platforms.

- Under 1MB.

Any other questions about making the most of your pages? Check out our comprehensive Editor help docs here.

You can also click the chat icon at the bottom right, or reach out to the fine support folks at hello@podia.com 😄

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