With Podia’s offsite buy buttons, you can turn any non-Podia website, blog post or landing page into a sales page for your digital products. Your visitors will be able to purchase your products without ever leaving your site.

Note: The embed checkout is a Shaker/Earthquaker feature!

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Embedded checkout styles

There are three ways you can sell your online courses, community and downloads on external pages:

Buy Buttons

Simple, customizable buttons that trigger a checkout form when clicked.

Product Cards

Embedded product listing for your course, membership or download. They contain an image, product title and description along with a buy button. You can embed them into a blog post, sales page, or anywhere else.

Embed your checkout trigger directly into a text hyperlink.

Note: The embed checkout is a Shaker/Earthquaker feature!

How to create an embedded offsite checkout experience

Step 1

To get started, head over to your "Products" tab, at the top menu.

Step 2

Scroll through the products you’d like to embed, click on “…” > “Embed Product…”.

Note: These options won't be available if your course is still in "Draft" mode.

Step 3

A new window will pop up prompting you to create and adjust your embeddable element.

Step 4

In the “Format” menu, choose the type of embeddable experience you’d like to create (link, button, or card).

You can then edit the text of the button, and apply a coupon if you’d like.

Step 5

Next, click “Copy” to copy the code snippet, and paste it into the code of any page you’d like to embed your checkout on.

Note: for links, you can change the text of the link by editing this part of the code snippet:

Buttons and cards will match the color of your Podia homepage, and they’ll automatically reflect any changes you make to your product title, description, image, or price in the future.

To embed a community checkout, please refer to this article.

And that’s it!

Now, your visitors will be able to purchase your Podia products without ever leaving the page 😃

Check out some examples:

Once your customer checks out on your page, they'll be immediately redirected to their product so they can access it immediately 😃

Have any questions about embedding Podia’s checkout experience on your site or blog? Shoot us an email or reach out via live chat, we’re happy to help 👍

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