Don’t want your product to start right away but instead to have it start somewhat in the future? Don’t worry, you can set your product to start on a future date.

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Setting up a start date can be helpful in a few different scenarios:

  1. You’d like to pre-sell your product and allow customers to pay for it before the launch date.

  2. You’d like to have all of your customers start your product at exactly the same time.

  3. You’d like to run your product multiple times per year (and have everyone start at the same time).

With this feature, your customers will be charged immediately after they purchase.

⚠️ This is different from our pre-launch feature, which simply collects email addresses of people interested in buying your course when it launches.

Setting up a start date for your products

Step 1: Click on Products in the top bar of your navigation. Next, click on the “Edit” button next to the product you’d like to set a start date to!

Step 2: Go to your product’s Availability tab and scroll down to the “Start date” option. Click on "Edit" next to the Start date field:

Step 3: If you want your product to start on a future date, simply select this option and select when you want your product to become available.

💡 Pro tip: You can have these start dates displayed on your site pages if you want! Simply add a Products, Table of contents, Featured or Banner section to your pages, click to edit, and control it using the left menu:

Step 4: Once you’re done, hit "Save". 🎉


Do I need to publish my product so the start date works?

Yes! If you want people to be able to purchase your product and get access on the start date, you'll need to publish the product.

Can I add another start date?

Yes, once your start date has passed, you can add a new start date if you’d like to run your product for another group/co-hort of customers in the future.

What happens if I remove a start date?

You can remove a start date (and give everyone access immediately) by selecting “Remove” anytime before the start date passes.

If you do this, anyone who enrolls in your course will get immediate access, and anyone who has already enrolled before the start date will get access.

Do drips/delays start based on a course start date?

Yes! If your product is an online course with drip content, the drip content won't start until the start date.

Once the start date has passed, delays will get back triggering based on each customer's enrollment date.

Have any questions about setting a start date for your course? Shoot us an email at or send us a message on live chat, we’d love to help 👍

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