The Product Banner section is a great way to showcase your product to the world! It lets you add buy buttons to your pages, sales videos and featured product images as well!

Note: the product banner section can be added only to product pages.

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Adding a product banner section

Step 1: First, we need to select to which product sales page we want to add the Product Banner.

Go to the Products tab, select the product you want to edit the sales page for, click on "..." and select "Edit page".

Step 2: Now, from the site editor, click on "+" and select Product Banner from the left-hand menu:

And that's it! A product banner section has been added to your site. Be sure to Publish your changes (upper right) before proceeding.

If you're not satisfied with its current look, don't worry! It's now time to customize it ✨

Customizing your product banner section

Step 1: Click directly on the section and use the left-hand menu to make any modifications you’d like!

Custom image, custom name, and custom description

You can change your default product image, name, and description if you want to. This will just show on the sales page and it is a great way to mention your product's benefits and why people should buy it!

Button label

It lets you edit the text of your Buy button. This is the button people will click in order to purchase your product.

Custom video

You can upload a custom sales video and thumbnail that should appear next to your product description and buy button!

This is a great way to increase sales and conversions! 💰


Here you'll find some options to customize your section even further. You can hide your product price, type, description, start date, and even product availability!


If you click on the Design tab you’ll also be able to modify the layout, justification, colors, and add a background image to your product banner section!

And that's all there is to it! Be sure to Publish your changes (upper right) before proceeding.


What about pre-launch and closed products?

You can also add a product banner section to your pre-launch and closed product pages. However, they will be slightly different from how they look from a published product.

Pre-launch products

Product banners for pre-launch products will turn into an opt-in form you can use to capture your customers' email addresses.

It should also show a Coming soon message at the top alerting your customers that your product is not live yet.

Closed products
We'll show a message stating that your product is closed and your visitors won't see a message to purchase it.

Can the "Coming Soon" and "Closed" messages be removed?

Yes! You can simply check/uncheck the Product availability box to remove these messages from showing in your product banner section:

Any other questions about how to customize your sales pages? Check out our site editor help docs, or click the chat icon at the bottom right for more help.

Or, email and our friendly support folks will be happy to help!

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