Capturing leads has never been easier, thanks to our Site editor tool that sets up a capture form on any site pages you’d like that will filter all emails to your general newsletter list!

An email form page section can be added to your site and it will help you capture emails and leads. A perfect way to build your email list on Podia!

Leads that signup via any newsletter capture section will be added to your general newsletter list.

Here’s what an email form page section can look like:

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Adding an email capture form

Here’s how you can add a newsletter capture form to your site pages:

Step 1: Access the Site editor by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of your dashboard and choose “Edit Site”.

Step 2: Navigate to the page you’d like to add a bio page section to, click “+” to add a new page section, and then choose "Email form" from the left sidebar:

Step 3: And that’s it! From the left sidebar, you will be able to customize your newsletter page section. Let’s take a look at how this can be done.

Customizing your email form page section

Note: The newsletter section is a global section and any changes made to this section on one page will reflect to all newsletter capture sections displayed on your site.

Step 1: Click directly on the page section and use the left-hand menu to make any modifications you’d like! You can also use the “Pencil icon” next to the section to make any modifications.

Heading, Image & Text

It’s time for you to tell people a bit more about why they should sign up to get notifications from you. Tell them the benefits of joining your list and why they should subscribe!

Button text

Use this field to modify the text that will appear on the sign up button of your newsletter capture form.

Form subtext

You can customize the form subtext that appears under your capture form fields.

Use this field to add any information regarding GDPR, CAN-SPAM, or any other useful information you’d like.

Success text

You can also change the text from the success banner that will appear after any signups on your site.

Show name field

You can select the option to show a name field for your newsletter capture form, so, names from leads are also captured.


If you have any integrations set up with external ESPs, you'll be able to tell the system to which lists we should send these emails once they subscribe using the newsletter page section.


If you click on the Design tab you’ll also be able to modify the layout, justification, colors, and add a background image to your Bio page section!

Feel free to play with the available options and come up with a unique newsletter capture form.

Embedding the email form on an external website

You can also embed the functionality of this email capture form into an external website, by copying the embed code from the sidebar:

You can copy this HTML code and paste it to your website!

Note: this will just copy the functionality of the form. Any design changes can be made by using custom CSS, but we don’t offer support for custom code customization at this time.

And that’s it! Any questions? Please reach out to us at (or click the icon below to chat with us!). 😃

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