Podia offers themes to make it easier to create beautiful, customized sites and pages 🎨 Get started by opening the Podia Editor and selecting "Appearance".

When you’re editing any section in the Editor, you’ll be able to use any of these themes:

  1. Default: You can set the colors for your Default theme under “Appearance” (which was previously called “Themes”). You’ll be able to apply this to any section you create.
  2. None: A simple, white background, with dark text.
  3. Light: A light background color with dark text.
  4. Dark: A dark background with white text.
  5. Custom: If you choose “Custom” when editing any Section on Podia, you’ll be able to fully customize the colors for that section. This is great if you want more control over individual sections.

You can also set a custom font for your storefront in Appearance. Learn how.

Here’s where you set up your Default Appearance in the Editor:

Just set the color options there, and you’ll be able to use it on any section you create.

To change the theme for any section, simply click on the section in the Editor.

If you’d prefer to keep things simple and not customize anything, just select one of our pre-built themes (None, Light or Dark) and you'll be good to go 👍

Have any questions? Send us an email or give us a shout on live chat.

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