Lead magnet, digital download, freebies, sign-up incentive, opt-in bonus, they go by many names but they're all the same. A value driven download that encourages the reader, listener, or viewer to sign up for your email list in exchange for extra content. 

You may already be using an email provider or landing page builder to create and deliver your lead magnet, but did you know it's easy to set up in Podia too? Here's how!

First, click on Products in the main menu, then choose Digital download and name your download. You can change it later in the product settings. 

Next you'll add a file (could be PDF, eBook, template, workbook, guide, audio file, etc) and make sure the price is set to $0.00. If you're now thinking "Matt's just telling me how to create a free product" - that's correct! If you know what's up now then you can get back to making more cool stuff for your audience. Need more? Read on...

Adjust the settings as needed and update the availability from Draft to Published when you're ready. Now let's move on to the next step: building the "landing" page. 

Click on the Edit store under your name and select your new download from the dropdown menu. 

Then add an image for your download, edit or add to the sections as needed, then publish! 

Click on View Product in the lower right of the Editor menu to view your live page. Simply copy the link in the address bar to share on social, in your email campaigns, anywhere you want! 

Here's the key takeaway - you can can use Products in Podia the exact same way you created landing pages and lead magnets in other tools. This is a perfect way to build a list if you're just starting out, or to validate interest in a paid product or course.

To Translate...
"Lead Magnet" = Free Product in Podia
"Landing Page" = Product Sales Page in the Editor

To help with your first (or next) lead magnet, we made a Digital Download Generator to get you started! Just fill in the blanks and you'll have a lead magnet in 15 minutes!

Have questions? Need ideas? We're here to help! This article is fantastic for lead magnet ideas, and we're on the other end of a quick chat in your account. 

Keep creating,


p.s. want to connect your lead magnet to an email campaign in Podia? Learn how.

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