Creating a digital product can feel like an overwhelming task. We get that. In fact one of the most common pieces of feedback we get is:

"I love Podia - can’t wait to use it when my product is ready!"

But did you know there is a proven method to getting more customers, charging higher prices, and generating more leads for your product using tools Podia already has? 

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That’s right - Podia can help you build your audience while you create the products they are excited about! Here’s how: 

Win #1 - Create a Bio + Newsletter page

In the Podia Editor, you can create a simple bio page on the storefront and add the email newsletter form to start building your email list. You can also customize blank pages in the Podia Editor, giving you even more flexibility to create storefront content! Learn more here

This is really important as you start out, because email is the highest converting channel for all digital platforms. Email subscribers will become the backbone of your business - and the more you have, the more sales you will get. The math is really that simple. 

To see this in action, check out this example page we created to give you "template" to follow. Write a sentence or two about yourself, then share more about the topic in the email newsletter section! There's also a video on the page to show you more.

The important part here is not to get stuck on “it has to be perfect” - and the reason why isn’t one you’d expect… most creators have a perfect standard in their head, when in reality the people who make up your audience have a different standard. The best way to combine your ideas with your audience is to start connecting with them. A bio and newsletter page is a great way to do that! 

Watch this short 5 minute video on how to set up your bio page in Podia:

Win #2 - Create a Digital Download “Lead Magnet” to motivate subscribers

After you have the simple bio + newsletter page gathering subscribers, it’s time to level up your email game with a “lead magnet” to turn readers into subscribers. This is powerful because it can and SHOULD give people a preview of your future product. 

At Podia we have a few resources to help you create your first lead magnet in very little time: 

Read “How to create a lead magnet landing page in Podia”

The 3 best lead magnets to launch your email list with a bang

Use the Digital Download Generator to build a PDF in 15 minutes

Armed with these guides, I want you to set a goal of creating your first digital download “lead magnet” in the first week of using Podia. Even if you end up not choosing us for your online business epicenter, these first two wins help you see how to do the basics in Podia.

Watch how to create a Product in 5 minutes:

Win #3 - Communicate with your subscribers using Podia’s email marketing feature

We’re spending a lot of time on email because it converts so well. Think about creators you follow and how much they use email to connect with and build their audience. You can do the same - and you don’t need any other tool besides Podia to connect with your subscribers.

Here are several ways creators use email to establish expertise and build their list:

  • Product updates and previews
  • Customer research 
  • Trending topics in their market
  • Creator (that’s you) updates for “what you’re working on”
  • Welcome emails for new subscribers

In fact, one of my favorite ways to get ideas for content is to ask this simple question in the welcome email to my newsletter and lead magnet:

"What is the biggest challenge (or struggle) you have with [your topic]?"

I have a productivity site, so I’ll ask “What’s the biggest challenge you have with focusing on work?” - and if I see responses that ask a similar question like “I get distracted easily” then I will create a new piece of email (or post) on how to prevent distraction. Make sense? 

To see how Podia’s email feature works, watch this short 5 minute video:

Win #4 - Share public posts

One of the questions new creators ask the most is “Do I need to use a blog/website with Podia?" The good news is that Podia can do a lot of the things most new creators need when starting out. 

Specifically, with Podia you can share “Public Posts” on your membership page to get your work in the world, just like a blog! Here’s a quick look at what your readers would see 👀

Of course Podia works beautifully with all the top website platforms and you can even set up a custom domain on your Podia site. If you want help with that, just let us know!

Watch how to create and share public posts on Podia:

Win #5 - Pre-launch your product 

Pre-launching your online course is one of the best ways you can create buzz, validate the commercial potential of your idea, and expand your audience. 

One way to think of an online course pre-launch is as a kind of “teaser” of what prospective students can expect from your course. This might include a broad overview of the topics you'll cover, a sneak preview of the video content you'll be featuring, an early version of your first lesson, and other tantalizing details to encourage people to sign up for your course.

You can pre-launch in one of two ways with Podia. The first is a simple option in the product’s menu. When you first create the product it will be in “Draft”, but you can flip it to “Pre-launch” and then add more to the launch page in the Editor. Read more about this option in our KB

The second way is to actually publish the course and set a price for it. This doesn’t have to be the final full price for the course, but it does establish a critical fact… PEOPLE WILL PAY YOU FOR YOUR EXPERTISE 💰  

To do this, just set the course start date in the future (here’s more on how). This way you can collect money and your students won’t have access to any of the content until the start date. Just make sure you publish it on the date 😉 

If you choose this option, you’ll GET PAID and have a dedicated group of beta testers to review the content before launching to the rest of your audience. You can test the lesson ideas by sending them emails in Podia and getting fast feedback on what resonated and what fell flat. 

For a complete guide to pre-launching a product, read our fantastic article (or just get to work)!

To see how you would pre-launch a product to your audience in Podia, watch this short video:

What’s Next?

Basically, more work 😄 but now instead of just stumbling around in the dark, wondering what to do, who to connect with, and which product to create, you have the answers to all of those questions! 

You’re beginning to live the life of a creator, focused on making content and products that serve your audience and help you earn a living. 

If you want the short answer for “what do I do next?” - it would be to create something new for your audience. It could be a new post, video, email, or anything that’s going to help them solve a problem or overcome a challenge about your topic. 

Through consistently creating content that resonates with your audience you’re building the trust and expertise needed to earn a living doing the work you love. 

At Podia we’re here to help every step of the way. The 5 Wins in this article are great ways to build momentum in the early stages of the creator’s journey - but if you get stuck or need a little pick-me-up, we’re only a message away. 

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