To make it easier for your customers to navigate your store, you can categorize your online courses and digital downloads under the Settings tab when editing a Product:

Once you’ve added one or more categories to a product, you can add the Categories section to your store or to any of your sales pages (found in the Podia Editor):

Once you’ve added the Category section, it’ll appear on your pages like this:

We’ve included two design options for you:

  • Overview (above): This option neatly displays all of your categories, which customers can click on to open a category page and see the products in that category.
  • List: This option displays all of your products on your Storefront, organized by category.

Here’s an example of Mackenzie targeting Design Assets:

Check out his category page above. 👆

Need to delete a category? No problem! You can see how to do that here.

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