The bio and newsletter sections of the Podia Editor give you a great opportunity to share more about your work and build an email list of interested subscribers. 

Whether you are brand new to online business and products or an experienced creator and product launcher, this short article will show you exactly how to set up a bio and newsletter page on your Podia storefront. 

Updated: you can now customize blank pages in the Podia Editor! Learn more here.

I’ll start by saying this article is particularly helpful for new creators who don’t yet have a product to sell. Here’s why: having a page you can direct people to visit, learn more about about your work, and sign up for emails is incredibly valuable. Those early subscribers are likely to comprise your biggest fans and likely customers when you launch a product. 

Here’s another way to look at the opportunity. When you’re in the product development stage, it’s great practice to build an email list to share your progress and ideas with. With Podia you can build your email list, connect with them, and develop your product all in one place. 

Here’s how to create your bio & newsletter page in Podia

First you’re going to click on the Editor option in the menu. On the Editor menu, click “Add Section” and find Bio, as shown below:

Next you’ll be able to select a bio layout and add elements to make it stand out. Choose from:

  • Headshot or logo
  • Description of you and your work or topic
  • Background image
  • Social links
  • Custom colors

After selecting and customizing those elements, go back to the sections and select Newsletter (it’s right under the Bio option). Now you can add a headline and call-to-action for signing up to your email list. 

When you’re convincing people to sign up for your email list, the best way is to be specific about the the topic you have and how it can help the reader solve a problem or overcome a challenge. 

Generic “sign up for my newsletter” text is better than nothing, but you should add a more specific call-to-action as soon as possible. This is the best way to build a list of raving fans.

With that, you now have a live page to share with family, friends, and connections across the world! To find and share your storefront link, go to “View Storefront” in the Editor menu (it’s at the bottom) and copy the link in the address bar. 

If you want to see how I use the bio and newsletter sections on my own storefront, click here!

At Podia, we’re committed to helping you build and grow your creative business. If you do need help creating and selling your first product, we have some incredible resources to guide you.

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