Did you know it’s possible to run an entire sales funnel with Podia? 🚀

Instead of combining multiple apps and services together and hoping the integrations hold, I’m going to show you how to do everything in Podia. We’ll start with the free lead magnet, follow up with campaign emails, and pitch your products all at once.

In this article:

Step 1: The Lead Magnet

Step 2: The Follow Up Emails

Step 3: Sales Page

Creator Pep Talk

Sales Goals for new creators

Bonus Step: Upsells

Step 1: The Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are great ways to get new people interested in your content and products. Think of it as giving the person an insanely high-quality preview of the paid product. It’s easy to create a digital download (think PDF) or course to incentivize people to sign up.

You’ll still create this in Podia products, but then leave the price as $0 so they’ll get it for free.

Need help when it comes to creating a lead magnet in Podia? Here’s a detailed article.

Step 2: The Follow Up Emails

Now that we have an email address, you want to deliver a series of follow-up emails that teach, inform, and ultimately sell your main product(s).

You’ll do this directly in Podia, no need to use another email service (though you can integrate with them). We’ll do this by creating a new email campaign.

Head over to the Email tab on the top menu and click on create a new Email campaign.

Set up a name for your campaign and set the Entrance condition to be the lead magnet product you just created.

Next you’ll add as many emails as you wish, and set the timing for how many days in between emails you want to wait. Note the first email should be at 0 Days to send immediately.

This is where you’re able to flex your creative muscles, but if you’d like a little prompt on how a good sales script flows between teaching and selling - I suggest this:

The prompts just give you an idea of what the theme of the email should be.

  1. Say thanks and share a little more about your topic

  2. Teach a follow up lesson or another tip about your topic

  3. Share another tip or lesson but mention you have a product announcement coming

  4. Product pitch - how it will help the reader solve a problem or overcome a challenge

  5. Include a link to your product page

  6. Short lesson or tips with another pitch towards the end

  7. Another pitch email, emphasize how your product helps

  8. Tell the reader what’s next - could be another product or how they can follow your work

If 8 emails feels like a lot, that’s ok! Cut it down to just a couple emails, just remember it’s best to teach or share more of your expertise before pitching. A 3 email sequence would just be:

  1. Say thanks and share an extra tip

  2. Share a lesson or more tips

  3. Pitch your product

Step 3: Sales Page

Now that you’ve engaged the subscriber through a lead magnet and helpful emails, it’s time to pitch your product.

This assumes you have a product to sell, but even if you don’t yet - knowing the ideal flow of your funnel will be helpful as you create the product.

First you’ll add all of your product content to a digital download or online course here in Podia. Next go in the Editor to set up your product sales page. When you publish your product page, click the link in the Editor menu to “View Course”.

Make sure to follow these steps to learn how to share your product sales page URL.

Creator Pep Talk

If you don’t have a product yet, allow me a moment to share a little advice from 10 years of doing this work. Take it or leave it, but I’ve seen it work for thousands of creators.

Most people wait too long to create their first product by making it too big - which takes a big commitment and effort from you. Here’s what I would do…

Create a small but insanely great product to start with. Could be an ebook, video series, or short course. Keep it simple, start selling. That’s the motto.

Note: when I say “insanely great” I mean don't delay everything because you’re a perfectionist. Launch version one, sell, get feedback, create version two, sell for more, and so on!

If you haven’t created a product yet, these Podia guides will be a HUGE help. They will walk you through every single step of the process and allow you to start selling fast!

Sales Goals for New Creators

This is for all the new “early stage creators”. When you start selling online, the goal for income should be first and foremost to cover your business expenses. For Podia, that means getting up to $39-79 month in sales. If you have a $19 product (that’s reasonable), then basically you need to sell 2-4/month to cover what Podia costs.

The funnel I laid out for you here will get you to that sales goal. You still need to keep creating content and promoting it to get people to the lead magnet, but once they get to step one your funnel kicks off and you’ll start to see sales!

How many sales? Well that’s a function of your subscribers and conversion rate.

A good benchmark for sales is 10% of subscribers. So if you need 4 sales each month, you probably need 40 subscribers to reach that number.

The conversion rate varies based on the offer, price, and how good you become at pitching products through email.

Bonus Step: Upsells!

Once you have multiple products, consider adding an upsell to boost sales! Do it easily from any product’s price settings. Here’s a short article on how to do that.

This works especially well for upselling cheaper products to your more expensive offerings. To your buyers, it almost seems silly not to take advantage!

What’s Next?

All of these steps can be completed independently of each other, but I hope now you see how each step connects and serves a unique function in selling the products that fuel your business. As I alluded to in the pep talk section, the next steps are simply to continue doing more of what works.

As you sell more products, talk to your customers and find out what they liked and got value from. Even talking to people who didn’t buy can be incredibly helpful for finding out what didn’t interest them about your product. It could easily shine a light on what you need to change, or make you realize you’re just targeting the wrong customer for the product!

From there, it’s a matter of continuing to create helpful content, launch products, increase prices, and grow your business!

If we can help with anything, just reach out through in-app chat or email. We’re rooting for you!

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