Integrating your existing website with Podia is easy and can be set up in a matter of minutes. As the customer, you can connect and link Podia to your website in one of three ways. 

One: Offsite buy buttons

Many customers choose to embed the Podia checkout experience on their own websites and pages. This is particularly helpful if you want to have full control of the sales page design!

Note: this feature is only available on the Shaker plan. 

Read the entire article on embeds here!

Two: Embed Email Newsletter Form

Email is an incredible way to grow your audience and nurture people to your courses, membership, and digital download products. You can add a newsletter section to any Podia page, but did you know it's very easy to embed a newsletter form on a website?

To do this, open the Podia editor and select the Newsletter section. Write the title, description, and button text for the form, then click the "Copy Code" button to get the html for your site. 

Now if the term "html" make you go into a cold sweat, have no fear! This isn't coding but a matter of knowing where to copy and paste. You already have the "copy" part done, so let's paste to your website.

What you'll need to do for any CMS is find how and where to add html code. Most make this pretty clear, but here are a few help articles from popular systems.

Three: Link Podia product pages from your website

This is a simple and easy way to "connect" Podia to your website. Go to the settings for any of your Podia products and you'll see the linkable url.

Use this url to link directly from your website to any free or paid Podia products with just a click! It also has an added SEO benefit of linking between your site and store.

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