First off the answer is an emphatic YES! you can use Podia for your primary website on the internet.

Especially if you share "free" content on a platform like YouTube, Medium, or a Podcast - Podia makes a lot of sense as your primary website.

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Podia site examples

Creating a lead magnet

Creating a blog


Here are common elements of a website that you can replicate with Podia:

  • About (bio) page

  • Email newsletter (included with all plans)

  • Landing pages for lead magnets

  • Public membership posts (more on that below)

  • Custom domains

  • Work with me page

  • Header links to other sites

  • Social profile links

Of course, you can also have as many courses and digital download product pages as you wish with any Podia plan. You can also create and customize custom pages in the Site editor, giving you even more flexibility to create site content! Learn more here.

Podia site examples

One of the best examples for using Podia as your online home comes from Open Studio.

Note that Open Studio is using a custom domain for their Podia URL, it's super easy to set up!

If you continue to scroll through Open Studio's site you'll see video and image sections, testimonials, contact and booking buttons, and much more. You can find each one in the Site editor to help you create beautiful pages.

Here are some other websites & pages built using our Site editor:

Creating a lead magnet

Lastly, what many people do is create their "free" content elsewhere (blog, YouTube channel, podcast, Medium, social media) and send their leads and potential buyers directly to Podia for lead magnets and paid products.

For example, as a YouTuber my normal viewer to customer flow goes like this:

  • Viewer watches my YouTube video and sees that I have a lead magnet offer related to the content.

  • They click on the link in the video description and are taken to the lead magnet page in Podia.

  • After signing up to download the lead magnet (i.e. a free digital download product) they are put in an email drip campaign.

  • The email drip campaign (in Podia) shares more relevant information to the topic and eventually pitches my course or membership.

  • Readers click on the Podia sales page link in the email and go to the product page I created in the Editor.


Wanna learn more about creating a lead magnet on Podia? Click here.

Creating a blog

When most creators think of a website, they also think of having the ability for blog posts.

In Podia you can replicate that with our membership "public posts" feature or even with online courses! Learn how to build your blog on Podia, itโ€™s super easy!

I hope this article showed you how it's possible to bypass a traditional website builder and only use Podia for your home base on the internet. We're continuing to build features that make it easier for you to earn a living doing work that you love.

But especially if you're totally new to online content or have built an audience on the back of another platform - Podia is the perfect place to send your fans to learn more about your work and purchase the products you create for them.

If you need any help just reach out to our amazing team via live chat or at ๐ŸŒŸ

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