Worried about having your Privacy and Terms in place for your products?

Great news on that front: Podia's Terms and Privacy policies ensure all parties (Podia, you, and your customers) are covered 🎉 We even have a simple checkbox for your customers to agree upon at checkout, so no extra legwork is needed on your end.

That said, there may be some custom terms you'd like your customers to be aware of.

Let's say you'd like to set certain limits on refunds, or you'd like to add a disclosure to your fitness course 📝

There are a few ways in which you could display your custom terms & conditions on Podia:

Using Custom Pages

You can add custom pages to your site to display your entire terms & conditions policy.

Example: https://university.podia.com/terms-and-conditions

Using the Product Banner section

Link to your terms & conditions page on your Product Banner section on your product sales page!

This is good to display your terms right next to your product Buy button!


Using a Text section

Add your terms/privacy as a text section on the sales page for your product(s).

Using the Site Header

Using the header, link directly to the terms/privacy page on your personal website.


Using the GDPR text box

Change the GDPR opt-in text box to say something like "I agree to the terms & conditions of this website".

This will appear during checkout.


Using Course content

Internally add your terms/privacy to the course or download content as a text section.


Using iubenda

With iubenda you can generate templates for terms & conditions and add a pop up to your Podia site!


Need an extra hand setting up your terms? Contact the friendly support team using the chat icon at the bottom right, or shoot us an email: [email protected] 😄 

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