Need to replace a file or add an updated video to your course? No problem!

Now, you can simply update your content, and better yet, retain all your customer comments -- if it's an online course -- for that lesson!

You also won't have to sweat over re-adding any text that accompanies the file 🙌 

Step 1: Visit the Content tab of your Online Course or Digital Download

Go to Products and select the product where the file is that you want to replace.

Step 2:  Click on the … button, to reveal additional options.

Step 3: Select “Replace …” 

Step 4: Drag your replacement file onto the uploader

Step 5: Allow your content to completely upload. Once it’s finished, it will be updated on your online course or digital download.

Notes: If you upload a video, it will take a few minutes to process before it will be playable on your course. You'll also need to upload the thumbnail once more.

In addition, your replacement doesn’t have to be the same file type (i.e. you can add an audio file in place of a video if you want to). 

Once you add your new file, note that your original will be removed completely.

Great work 🎉 you’ve updated your file!

Any further questions? Click the purple chat icon at the bottom right to reach out to our friendly creator support team, or email us at [email protected] We’re all 👂

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