Per GDPR and CAN-SPAM regulations, all sites must have an opt-in checkbox in order for customers to receive email updates and marketing.  

By default, when a user purchases a product from your site, we will ask them to click the checkbox next to the text reading "I accept to receive marketing emails from Site Name".

However, if you'd like to customize the text for the opt-in message, no problem! You can do so under your Settings:

Then, access the Email tab and modify your message under Email opt-in text:

You can enter any text you'd like here, but keep in mind GDPR's guidelines (in short: make sure the consent is unambiguous and that you clearly state how you will use customer e-mail addresses) when crafting your message.

After you make these changes,  a customer will now see that language upon opt-in rather than the standard default text:

That's all there is to it; customize away!

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