Want to add a personal touch to your broadcasts and campaigns?

We've gotcha covered! You can now add first names to your email broadcasts and campaigns 🎉 

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Adding a first name to your emails

Step 1: Click on "Email" in the top navigation bar:

Step 2: Once you click "New Email" and select Broadcast or Campaign, in the body, click on + First Name.

The First Name field is a default (but not to worry; in cases where you prefer not to use names, you can remove them as needed by simply deleting the text).

Note: if no first name is present, the email will default to a friendlier "there", (as in, "Hey there"), but you can change that to "friend", "buddy", "partner 🤠", "my favorite customer" and so on...😉

You can also add the name field as many times as you'd like throughout the body by clicking the "+ First name" button:

...And that's all there is to it 😎 

Email failed to send?

Did you get a notification that your email failed to send? Don't worry, it's probably a simple fix!

Double check that your first name tag is valid. Things to check:

  • two curly brackets at the beginning

  • there should have a quote at the beginning and end of the word

  • two curly brackets at the end

  • *bonus: make sure there aren't any missing or extra spaces, there should be a single space between everything inside the curly brackets

When all is said and done, the tag should look something like this {{ first_name or 'there' }} 😎

If you see a mistake in your first name tag, feel free to try and send the email again! If you don't see anything wrong, please reach out!

Contact the support team by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right, or shoot us an email at hello@podia.com

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