Love the look of your Podia site, but want to add a little more of your own personality?

We all have different styles; we get it! Now, you can choose from a beautiful selection of fonts for your site 🎉 Here's how:

Step One: Head over to the Podia Editor

Step Two: Click Appearance

Step Three (this is the hard one 😉 ): Pick new fonts

As you can see, you can have different fonts for your heading and body text ✨

Once you've selected new fonts, be sure to scroll down and click Save at the bottom left. The changes will take effect instantly on your storefront or sales page 🙌

Note: To preview your selections, you'll need to refresh the Editor to see your changes.

Wanna see some examples in the wild? Check out:

Any other questions? Click the chat icon at the bottom right, or email [email protected] to get in touch with our friendly support team!

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