Coupons are a great way to engage your current audience and prospective customers by offering discounts on products and subscription plans in your site:

Once you have your products and/or subscription plans setup, you can easily discount these and share the coupon codes with your audience. Just follow the steps below to get started:

Table of Contents

  1. Creating coupons for your site

  2. Archiving and unarchiving coupons

  3. Using duplicate coupon codes

  4. Searching, filtering and sorting coupons

  5. Exporting coupons

  6. Sharing and applying coupon codes

  7. Viewing customer usage on coupons

Creating coupons for your site

To view and create coupons, navigate to the coupons page by using the top menu navigation.

Click on New Coupon to start creating coupons for your products and/or plans.

Coupon code

If you are using a coupon code for a public event (e.g. Black Friday sales), use a descriptive coupon code like BLACKFRIDAY-2020 or HALLOWEEN-50OFF.

Alternatively, you can also click on Generate unique code to use a unique coupon code that can be shared with your customers to access your site, product and/or subscription plan discounts.

πŸ“ Only alpha-numeric characters are accepted for coupon codes and any special characters will be removed, with spaces converted to dashes (-).

Discounted items

You are able to choose between 5 different coupon types based on how you want to apply the discounts across your products and subscription plans on your site.

The 5 coupon types you can choose from are listed below:

  1. All products and plans: This coupon type will allow you to discount all available products and plans in your store. All future products and plans added to the store will also be discounted.

  2. Products only: This coupon type will discount only the available current and future products in your site, including online courses, digital downloads and bundles.

  3. Plans only: This coupon type will apply the specified discount to all available plans on your site.

  4. Specific plans: This coupon type will allow you to search, select and discount only specific plans.

  5. Specific products: This coupon type will allow you to search and add specific online courses, digital downloads, webinars, and bundles to apply the discount.

⚠️ Please note: any coupon that is created with the intent to be used for a subscription plan will be applied to the invoice each month (e.g. if your plan is $10/month and you provide a $5 off coupon, the plan will now be $5/month for the lifetime of the subscription)

Discount value

There are two types of value you can assign to coupons:

  1. Percentage (%): This is the most popular coupon value (with over 70% of the coupons) used for products and plans. This value type will allow you to discount a percentage of your plans or products, thus providing more control over your discounts.

  2. Amount: An amount discount allows you to specify a specific amount to discount from your product or plans. If multiple products or subscription plans are selected for a coupon, this amount will apply to all the selected products and plans for that coupon.

πŸ“ When using a coupon with multiple products and/or plans, a percentage (%) value will allow you to have more control over the discounted amount for both products and plans.

Amount discounts, on the other hand, work better with specific products where the price is static and there aren't multiple variants with regards to monthly or annual subscriptions, as in the case of plans.

Coupon options

Under coupon options, you’ll be able to add limits on the number of times a coupon can be used or redeemed on your site or set up an expiry date for your coupons.

Limit Uses

Limiting uses will allow you to add limits on the number of times a coupon can be used or redeemed on your site.

These limits are NOT specific to any particular customer but are related to its TOTAL USES.

Depending on how the coupons are setup, some customers may be able to use coupons across various products and/or plans, and have multiple coupon usages or redemptions associated to a single customer.

No matter the usage you set, a member will also get a coupon's discount value every month/year of the plan they are signing up for. The discount reflects each month/year, but what counts as a 'usage' is the coupon being entered at checkout, which only happens when you first sign up for a plan.

Podia coupons can either have no limits on their usage or a specified usage limit.


To set an expiry date on coupons, you can use one of the preset expiry times, or select a date and time from the date and time dropdown.

Archiving and unarchiving coupons

Archiving a coupon will automatically prevent it from being used again! To archive or deactivate a coupon, simply click on the Archive icon next to the coupon name:

You can also unarchive the coupons, by clicking on Unarchive beside the coupons, when filtering for Archived coupons.

πŸ“ You can only have one unique coupon code per active coupon type listed above.

Using duplicate coupon codes

A coupon code must be unique per coupon type that is selected (per five types listed above). However, this means that the same coupon code can be used across the five different types and there may be overlap between selected products or subscription plans.

To handle such cases, a coupon hierarchy is used where the selected products or plans coupons are given top priority, followed by products/plans only and then storewide coupons. To understand this, let's take a simple example.

πŸ€” Assume a coupon code for BLACKFRIDAY2020 is used for a:

  1. Sitewide with 10% off discount

  2. Products only with 20% off discount

  3. Selected product with 50% off discount for a digital download

When a customer visits a site with the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020, the digital download will be at a 50% off discount because the selected products coupon will take the highest precedence over the other coupons.

If the selected products coupon is archived, the digital download will be at 20% off because the products/plan only takes a higher precedence over the storewide coupons.

Searching, filtering and sorting coupons

If you have created a lot of coupons in Podia, it can be powerful to search, filter and/or sort your list of coupons. You should be able to search the coupons using the coupon code in the search bar.

If you can't recall the coupon codes, you can export a CSV list of all your coupons (see Exporting coupons). The options for filtering and sorting are shown below:

Exporting coupons

If you have a long list of coupons and would like to export them for tracking purposes or using the coupons with a third party service, you can do so by clicking on Export (shown below).

This will export all your coupons in a CSV format:

The following fields are available in the coupon exported CSV file:

  1. Coupon code: The code used to apply this coupon on the site

  2. Selected Products: Comma separated list of products selected (only applicable for Selected products coupon type)

  3. Selected Plans: Comma separated list of plans selected (only applicable for Selected plans coupon type)

  4. Discount Type: Whether coupon amount was set in Amount Value or Amount Percentage

  5. Amount Value: The amount value of the coupon (if discount type is Amount Value)

  6. Amount Percentage: The amount percentage of the coupon (if discount type is Amount Percentage)

  7. Status: Whether the coupon is active or archived.

  8. Usage Limit: Number of usage limitation set on the coupon, if applicable.

  9. Coupon Type: The type of coupon used, which would be one of Storewide, Products Only, Plans Only, Selected Products and Selected Plans.

  10. Usages: Number of times the coupon has been used by customers for both products and subscriptions.

  11. Created Date (UTC): Date the coupon was created in UTC.

  12. Archived Date (UTC): Date the coupon was archived in UTC, if applicable.

  13. Expiry Date (UTC): Date the coupon will expire (if active) or was expired (if archived) in UTC, if applicable.

Sharing and applying coupon codes

Once you have created your coupons, you can easily share the coupon sharable URL with your audience and customers through emails, posts, or any other medium.

To get the coupon shareable URL, simply click on Copy link next to the coupon:

You can easily share this link with our audience. If this coupon applies to only a specific product or subscription plan, the sharable URL will direct your customers to the page for the product or plan with the discount automatically applied to it.

If, however, the coupon applies to all products/subscriptions of your site, the URL will direct the customer to the site page with the discounted plans and products, displaying both the original and the discounted amounts.

Alternatively, you can also share the coupon code, which can be applied during the checkout process by entering the coupon code directly in the DISCOUNT CODE field, and then clicking APPLY.

Once the coupon code has been applied, the discounted price will be reflected on the checkout form, as shown below:

πŸ“ Customers won't be able to apply more than one coupon code at the same time.

Viewing customer usage of coupons

Once your customers start using your coupon, you can view how many times your coupon has been used in the β€œUses” column:

You can also check out a detailed report by clicking directly on the coupon name:

If you have any questions about coupons, discounts or anything at all, send us an email at or click the purple icon below to chat. πŸ˜„

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