Podia's powerful site editor allows you to create any kind of landing page you want - and we're always working on new features. 

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We've seen creators build beautiful pages for their products and we wanna share these with you. In this article, I'll share helpful examples and video guides to show you exactly how these pages are built in our Site editor. 

Note: At this time the pages cannot be copied directly into your account. They are meant to serve as examples with explanations so you can see how to replicate them in your own account.

In this article:

Building a product sales page

Example page: https://www.groupcourse.us/7edf409d-acbb-46b0-8d95-05a26ca23877

Building a homepage

Example page: https://mikifoto.podia.com

Building a "Contact me" page

Example page: https://www.openstudiojazz.com/contact

What's next?

Check out all of our Site editor comprehensive help docs and feel free to join our Creator community for more tips, tricks & examples!

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