Podia's powerful editor allows you to create any kind of sales or landing page you want - and we're always working on new features. 

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We've seen creators build beautiful pages for their products - and the introduction of custom pages has turbocharged the capabilities and imagination of what's possible with Podia. In this article, I'll share helpful examples and video guides to show you exactly how these pages are built in the Podia Editor. 

Note: At this time the pages cannot be copied directly into your account. They are meant to serve as examples with explanations so you can see how to replicate in your own account.

To start I want to share one of our favorite creator storefronts, Swiss Innovation Academy. Daniele does a great job of using different sections in unique ways to create a page that really pops off the screen and tells his story. 

Notice during the video that most of what Daniele uses is the "image with text" section. He also uses the button in each section to point to different products and pages in his storefront. 

Check out more examples below, and keep an eye on this page! I'll be updating it with new tutorials for you to use in your account.

Page Examples

Want more examples? Tell us what kind of page you want to see and I'll make a template + video explaining what's possible. Chat with us live in your Podia account or email [email protected] 

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