Podia's messaging feature is great way to engage with your current audience and customers who are logged in to your site. In-site messaging can encourage your customers to take action, while they are using or considering a specific product or membership plan. 💁‍♀️

These direct messages can help you not only better engage your customers, but also immediately connect and understand their needs in context. As a result, you can instantly recommend the best course of action, answer specific questions or direct them to a specific product or membership plan, without them having to leave your site. 🙌

Starting a conversation with customers

To access the Messaging page in Podia, click on Messaging in the top navigation bar. 

Starting a new conversation

To start a new conversation with a customer:

  1. Click on Start a conversation button in the active conversation section of the screen or the pencil icon 📝 on the left hand side above your conversation list

  2. Search and select the name of your customer by either their name or email

  3. Click on the customer name to start a conversation

Continuing an existing conversation

You can also continue an existing conversation by clicking on any of the names in the conversation list on the left hand side.

Sending a message to a customer

Once you have selected a new or an existing conversation with your customer, you can send a message by: 

  1. Typing in the message in the text box beside the send ⬆️ button

  2. This should enable the send ⬆️ button

  3. Click on the send ⬆️ button to send the message

  4. Alternatively, you can also use the shortcut keys Cmd + return (Ctrl + Enter) to send a message to the customer

  5. Your message will get delivered immediately, with the delivery time shown below the message. Once the message is seen by your customer, a timestamp of when the message was seen will be shown instead below the message. 

What's next?

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