If you have Podia messaging enabled on your Podia site, your customers can message you instantly by clicking on the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the screen. This widget will appear on all pages of your Podia site for your logged-in customers.

By clicking on the chat bubble, your customers can launch the chat widget and start messaging and replying to your messages instantly. They will also be able to see your name, your online status, and the Gravatar associated with your Podia email. 

If the chat widget is not open, your customers will receive a notification toast message at the top right corner of the screen when you send them a new message. This notification will be dismissed after five seconds. 

Your customers can also launch the chat widget by simply clicking on the in-app notifications.

Editing notification preferences

By default, all of your customers will be opted-in to email notifications for any unread messages you may have sent through Podia messaging in the last hour.

Your customers can opt-out of these email notifications by navigating to their notifications page on their Podia site and opting-out out email notifications.

📝 You will need to enable messaging in Podia to display this menu for your customers.

A preview of an email sent to your customers for unread messages is included below. 📧

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