Here's a bit more information about what you see on your Dashboard:


This is a high-level look at your store’s activity. It displays your customers, subscribers, members (if you have a membership), sales, revenue, and monthly recurring revenue (if you have a membership). You can click on any of them to get more details.

  • Customers: A customer is anyone who has purchased or signed up for any of your products (online courses, digital downloads, or bundles).
  • Subscribers: A subscriber is anyone who has either signed up for your general newsletter or opted into receiving emails after purchasing a product from you.
  • Members: A member is anyone who has signed up for a free or paid membership plan.
  • Sales: A sale is a count of the number of paid products you've sold.
  • Revenue: Your revenue is all of the money you've earned through using Podia. It's a combination of revenue made from selling products and your membership.
  • MRR: Your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the total monthly revenue you're earning from people who are subscribed to your paid membership plans.


This is for quick actions such as sending a message, creating a membership post, sending an email, and a few other tasks.

Recent activity

This displays any recent activity such as new sales, new newsletter signups, new members, and more.

  • New member: Someone who signs up for your membership plan.
  • New subscriber: Someone who signs up for your newsletter.
  • New cancellation: Someone who cancels their account.
  • New download: Someone who has signed up for a digital download.
  • New enrollment: Someone who has signed up for an online course.
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