The Dashboard is the first screen you see each time you log into your Podia Account.

Here, you can see a brief overview of some analytics as well as navigate to any other site resources as well.

Here's a bit more information about what you'll see on your Dashboard.

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Navigation menu


Recent Activity

Navigation menu

The top navigation menu will give you access to Podia’s core features, such as creating products, memberships, coupons & more!

You can click on each of these tabs to be able to access any of the desired features:

Podia logo - will take you back to the Dashboard.

Products - access the products tab so you can create and manage your products.

Memberships - access the memberships tab so you can create and manage memberships.

Email - access the email tab so you can create and send email broadcasts and email campaigns.

Coupons - access the coupons tab to create and manage coupon codes.

Audience - access the audience tab to manage your audience.

Affiliates - access the affiliates tab to create and manage affiliates.

Sales - access the sales tab to see a detailed list of your sales as well as access individual invoices.

Messaging icon - access the messaging page so you can view your messages and send a message to customers.

? - Access our help resources such as our Podia's help center, Podia's wiki & more!

Avatar - You can access our Site editor as well as any Site settings, Account settings, and Billing details by clicking in there.


This is a high-level look at your store’s activity. It displays your customers, subscribers, members (if you have a membership), sales, revenue, and monthly recurring revenue (if you have a membership).

You can click on any of them to get more details:

  • Customers: A customer is anyone who has purchased or signed up for any of your products (online courses, digital downloads, or bundles).

  • Subscribers: A subscriber is anyone who has either signed up for your general newsletter or opted in to receiving emails after purchasing a product from you.

  • Members: A member is anyone who has signed up for a free or paid membership plan.

  • Sales: A sale is a count of the number of paid products you've sold.

  • Revenue: Your revenue is all of the money you've earned using Podia. It's a combination of revenue made from selling products and your membership.

  • MRR: Your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the total monthly revenue you're earning from people who are subscribed to your paid membership plans.

Create button

This is for quick actions such as messaging, creating a membership post, sending an email, and a few other tasks.

Recent activity

This displays any recent activity such as new sales, recent newsletter signups, the latest members, and more.

  • New member: Someone who signs up for your membership plan.

  • New subscriber: Someone who signs up for your newsletter list.

  • New cancellation: Someone who cancels their account.

  • New download: Someone who has signed up for a digital download.

  • New enrollment: Someone who has signed up for an online course.

Have more questions? You can click the chat icon at the bottom right, or reach out to the fine support folks at 😄

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