Looking for a way to promote a specific plan? You may be trying to draw attention to a particular monthly plan, or maybe you have a hidden VIP plan you don't want to share with the masses 😉 

Here's how to pull that URL in a few steps. 

You'll need to structure a link for each monthly and yearly plan if they have those options/request those links. Here's what that looks like:



The structure is essentially:
communityurl/Plan Number/monthly/buy
communityurl/Plan Number/annual/buy

To grab each plan number start by heading over to your Community > Settings and scroll down to your plans.

If you click on each plan, you can find the plan number in the URL:

Now when you share your direct buy link (ie. https://store.podia.com/community/6/monthly/buy ) they'll have the plan automatically selected for them!

And there you have it! You're ready for promotion gold ✨

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