Adding buttons to your store pages is easy! Find them in (almost) every content type available in the Editor. Scroll to the bottom to add/edit the button! 

Couple things to remember. First is to include https:// before any link, even if it's to another Podia page. Second is that you can customize the button color by clicking the "Custom" appearance above the text field. 

A common use case for these buttons is to link to other sales pages in Podia or directly to a product checkout. To find those links, go to any product in Podia and click on the Promote tab. Scroll down to find the product or buy now link. Add it to the button url field and you're set! 

You can also use buttons to link to web pages outside of Podia, like a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, email address (e.g. mailto:[email protected]) or appointment booking calendar. Whatever you want! 

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