Ever wondered how your webinars will look like to your customers? In this article, we will show how customers will view both your YouTube and Zoom webinars here on Podia!

In this article:

Youtube Live webinars

Once your customers purchase and sign up for your Youtube live webinar in Podia, they can view the webinar on their student account.

You can also preview this page by clicking on “..” > “View as customer” while editing the webinar:

When customers login to view your webinar product they’ll view important information on the page:

  1. Webinar name: This is the name of the webinar and will be used as the title for the webinar page as well.

  2. Scheduled time: This shows the scheduled webinar time if the webinar is in the future. When the webinar is live, this section will display as "Live now" and will change to "Ended %{duration_of_time} ago".

  3. Youtube live player: When you include the YouTube embed link on your product settings page, the YouTube live player will get embedded here.

  4. Webinar instructions: You can use the rich text editor to include links and more information for your customers to join the webinar and could also include additional instructions to join an external or YouTube live chat.

  5. Comments: Customers will be able to post comments while watching the webinar (note this is a Podia chat feature and not the YouTube live chat)

📝 Note: If you want to include a link to just the live chat and not the video share page on YouTube, you can build the chat URL using the youtube_id in the embed code or share link by adding it to the following URL (without the curly braces):


Zoom webinars

For Zoom webinars, customers will be prompted to view your webinar or meeting at the Zoom link by clicking “Watch on Zoom”!

Participants do not need a Zoom account to view the webinar or meeting but will be prompted to download the Zoom application.

If you have enabled the setting that requires customers to register through Zoom to view your webinar, Podia will NOT bypass this!

Your participants will be prompted to register for the webinar at the same 'Watch on Zoom' link.

You can learn more here about setting up your Zoom webinar!

Webinar reminder emails

You can enable reminder emails for your customers from the webinar settings page.

These emails will be sent to your customers right before the start of a webinar (for Youtube or Zoom), once it starts, and finally when the webinar has ended.

Webinar reminder email notifications:

1. 10 minutes before the Webinar

2. When the Webinar starts

3. When the webinar has ended

And that's it!

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