You're feeling great about the overall look and feel of your site. It just seems to be lacking one thing: easy-to-spot navigation.

Turns out Podia has you covered there! You can create a la carte links to your pages, or any external resources you'd like to share with your audience. Take a look at our example here:

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Video walkthrough

Adding links to your site header

Here's how you'll set up your own navigational menu in the header! First, hop on over to the Site Editor, by clicking on Edit site.

In the Editor menu, you'll immediately see what looks like a live preview of your site.

There will be a clickable section at the very top showing your site name, and there, you can add your branding and header navigation.

You can click within the box itself, or the pen icon at the right to make changes:

Click on “New link”, and you’ll be able to add a menu item for any link within or outside of your Podia site. 🎉

⚠️ Important: make sure you include the full url, including the https:// and subdomain (such as www, store, courses, etc).

Example 1: Add instead of

Example 2: alone would not suffice; you'd need to include in order for it to work (both the https:// and the www would be key here).

Otherwise, customers may be redirected to your homepage or be given an error page, and we certainly don't want them to be confused!

We'd recommend copying and pasting any full URL for pages outside of your site and custom pages as well.

Changing your site header's design

You can also change your site header's colors and how items are displayed!

While editing your header, click on the "Design" tab to open up its options:

Layout: Changes how the items of your header are oriented, between left and center alignment.

Colors: Changes the color of your header's background and/or text. Choose between pre-defined colors or set up your custom color combination.

Once you’re finished, click “Done” at the top right of the Site Editor to go back to the Podia app, or if you’re ready for your changes to go live, click “Publish”.

Any other questions? Email or click the handy chat icon at the bottom right, and we'll be happy to help 👋

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