One of the best ways to provide value for your members is by creating a Resource Library "product". Many Podia customers do this by uploading a new PDF or file as individual products, but this clever hack will save you from overwhelming your product list in Podia. 

Social Media and Business Coach Jamar Diggs does this with his Profit Box product, continually adding in resources and links for his membership and coaching clients.

To begin, create a digital download or course product to serve as your Resource Library. If you only plan to add files then a digital download product is a good choice. If you want to add files, videos, audio, links, and more, then create a course. 

Title your product "Resource Library" and start adding files or other content for your members. Set the price to $0, publish, and then hide it from your storefront. For an extra layer of protection against non-members signing up, you can also close enrollment.

Next you'll go to membership plans and add the Resource Library product to any or all plans that you want to have access. That's it! The product will now show up in all member dashboards that you selected. 

When you want to add more files or content to the product, it's easy! Just go to the product in Podia and upload what you want, then create a post or email to members alerting them a new resource is available!

If you have any questions about Memberships, Products, or anything else in Podia - email us at [email protected] or chat directly in your account. Thanks!

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