If you're a B2B instructor and course creator, often companies will want to pay once for their entire team or company to have access. 

Here's how you would set it up in Podia. The method is a bit of a workaround since Podia wasn't initially built to support multiple licenses/seats at a single company. But it is doable, fee-free (for you) and a simple experience for the company. 

  1. Create & publish your course.

  2. Sell the course to the "buyer" from the company. Can direct them to the product with the links in the Promote tab. You can invoice them separately too (would need to use another service for invoicing). 

  3. After payment they'll need to send you a csv file of the people who need access to the course.

  4. Send us the csv file and we'll import. If it's not many people you can enroll manually.

If you need to have separate courses for each company, just duplicate your course and use the new course for the other company. It's also easy to hide a course from the site so it's not visible to the public. 

A few steps, but it will definitely work! If you have any questions just reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help! 

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