Looking for a way to sell your products to larger organizations or companies? Then look no further! Whether you are a B2B instructor, a course creator, or both, often you will run into those who will want to pay once for their entire team or company to have access to your offerings. We'll walk through the steps to get this setup below! ✏️

✨ Please note: this method is a little bit of a workaround since Podia wasn't initially built to support multiple licenses/seats at a single company. But it is doable, fee-free (for you) and a simple experience for the organization!

The steps:

  1. After you create & publish your product and someone has expressed interest in purchasing multiple seats, you'll want to invoice them in some way:

    1. You can invoice them separately with an outside service and have them pay you directly for the total amount of seats. A free tool we really like is https://invoice-generator.com 🤗

    2. You can create a separate product on Podia used strictly for bulk invoicing. This product would solely be for their use to buy seats to your product and doesn't need to have any proper content in it, just enough to get it published and available for purchase! You can adjust the pricing of the product to reflect the total amount of seats for the organization.

  2. After their payment is completed, you'll want to collect a list of the email addresses for all those who need access to the purchased product.

  3. Once you have those email addresses, create a .csv file and send it to our team! We can directly import them into the correct product for you 😊

    1. If it's not too many people, you can also enroll them manually yourself! 🙌

If you need to have separate courses for each organization you're working with you can duplicate your product and use the new copy for the each group. It's also easy to hide a product from your site so it's not visible to the public!

We hope that helps! If you need anything else feel free to click the chat icon at the bottom right or reach out to the fine support folks at hello@podia.com for additional assistance 🎉

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