Whether you have a VA helping you with your products, a business partner, or a designer uploading files for you, inviting your team members to Podia is easy 🙂.

Inviting additional team members gives them their own login (so no password sharing needed), and you can assign specific permissions to ensure that nobody has more access than you want them to. Additional team members can be added for just $20 per user per month.

To get started, click on your avatar and access Settings:

Head over to the team settings page and click on the “Invite teammate” button.

Enter your teammate’s name and email address, and choose their permission settings.

Here’s what checking each of the permission settings allows the teammate to do:

Affiliates: View, manage, and invite affiliates.

Coupons: View, create, and delete coupons.

Customers: View, manage, and delete customers.

Email: View, create, and send emails.

Memberships: View, manage, and create membership plans, and publish membership content.

Products: View, manage, create, publish, and delete products.

Sales: View and download sales, and issue refunds.

Store Editor: View, manage, create, or delete pages.

Store Settings: View and manage store settings.

⚠️ Teammates cannot change your billing, payment settings, team settings, access messaging, or cancel your account.

Click “Send invitation” to invite your teammate.

They’ll receive an email inviting them to accept your invitation and create an account.

Once your teammate accepts your invitation, they’ll be able to set a password, change their email address, and log in to help you manage your store!

You can always manage your teammates and their permissions from your team settings page.

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