Note: The Affiliates feature is a Shaker-only feature.

First, go to your Affiliates page.

From there, click the name of the affiliate you want to pay and you’ll be taken to their Overview page.

Next, go through and click the box next to each payment amount you want to pay out.

Once you’ve selected all the payments you want to pay out, click the“Paywith PayPal” button at the top right of the page.

If you haven’t signed into PayPal through your Affiliates page yet, or if you’re signed out, you’ll be asked to sign in first.

We’ve added up all the payments you checked off and pre-filled the payment form in PayPal! You’ll just need to go through the PayPal prompts to finish paying them.

Once you've paid them through PayPal, back to Podia to mark them as paid!

And that’s it—you’ve paid your affiliate! Just repeat the steps above to pay other affiliates. 🙌🏼

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