Connect your Podia account

If you haven't connected your Podia account in Zapier, follow the steps on Connecting Podia to Zapier.

Note: This Podia trigger is available on all of our paid plans. You can change your Podia Plan at anytime here.

Configure your Podia trigger in Zapier

To configure your new trigger, click on Make a Zap! in Zapier and select Podia as the trigger app. Select the Cancel Membership Subscription trigger to subscribe to any membership cancellation events. These membership cancellation events are triggered only when a subscriber cancels their membership plan subscription on their storefront Billing page. Canceling the subscription from the Podia CMS dashboard will not trigger this event. Jump to the Testing the cancel membership subscription Zap section for instructions on manually testing this step.

You should have your Podia account connected and tested from the previous steps. Once you have confirmed that the account is successfully connected, you can select your Podia account from the Choose Account dropdown.

Make sure to test your trigger by getting sample data from Podia. The sample data in Zapier may or may not pertain to a canceled membership subscription in your Podia account. However, the data retrieved should reflect what would be sent during a membership cancellation from Podia.

Once you confirm that the Podia trigger is functioning and you have the data you need, you are ready to set up your Action for your Zap.

Configure your Action for the Cancel Membership Subscription trigger

You can select over 1000s of integrations from Zapier to use the canceled membership subscription data that is triggered by Podia. For this example, we will use the Podia trigger to unsubscribe an email from Mailchimp.

Make sure your Mailchimp account is connected and click Continue.

Once you have authorized and selected an account, you can very easily add the audience list you want the email to unsubscribe from, the subscriber email field from Podia, and whether you would like to delete the member from your Mailchimp account. After setting these fields, click on Continue.

Once you have successfully configured you Zap, you can test the Zap with your sample data, if you already have the email subscribed to the audience list in Mailchimp. Once completed, click on Test & Continue. Alternatively, you can also SKIP TEST, if you do not have the sample data in Mailchimp.

Once you have tested your Zap, make sure to turn it on in your final step. Now your Zap is ready for you to send the data over to Mailchimp when someone cancels their membership subscription in Podia. 🙌

Testing the cancel membership subscription Zap

To test your new Zap, navigate to the Billing page on your Podia site for a logged-in user that has subscribed to a membership plan, and has their email on the selected Mailchimp audience list.

Scroll down to the Membership section of your billing page and click on Cancel your subscription and then Cancel subscription in the modal. This will instantly trigger the zap and will send over the specified data to your Mailchimp account or any other Zapier action that was set up.

That's all there is to it! 🥳 This Zap will work for both free and paid membership plans in Podia. If you are interested in receiving these events at the end of a billing cycle for a paid Podia membership subscription that uses a Stripe subscription, you might want to check out the Stripe + Zapier integration for these specific events.

Please note: While we’re happy to help with any issues taking place on our end, we aren’t able to access your accounts with those other tools, which limits the support we can offer. We encourage reaching out directly to the third-party tools for help getting them working.

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