Let's say you have a customer that really, really loved one of your online courses. They enjoyed it so much, they want to pay it forward and gift the course to a friend or family member.

While Podia doesn't have a gifting option, that's not to say that gifting a product is impossible. Here's a little workaround you can try for the time being 💝

Create a gift product: One suggestion is to create a "gift certificate" product. Within that product, you can add a text section or PDF file with a note to the buyer that they'll receive an email with their gift after purchasing.

After they purchase, you can reach out to that buyer individually and send them a unique coupon. That way, they can craft their own email or a handmade card, complete with the coupon link or code, and can share the surprise with their recipient. Signed, sealed, and delivered 💌

You can see an example of this here of what a sales page for this would look like!

We'll share more clever tips and tricks here, but if you have questions, suggestions, or just need a hand in general, click the purple chat icon at the bottom right, or email hello@podia.com 👋 Our friendly support team will be just around the corner.

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