Let's say you have a customer that really, really loved one of your online courses. They enjoyed it so much, they want to pay it forward and gift the course to a friend or family member.

While Podia doesn't have a gifting option, that's not to say that gifting a product is impossible. Here's a little workaround you can try for the time being 💝

Create a gift product: One suggestion is to create a "gift certificate" product. Once you do this, you can reach out to that buyer individually and send them a unique coupon. That way, they can craft their own email or handmade card, complete with the coupon link or code, and can share the surprise with their recipient. Signed, sealed, and delivered 💌

We'll share more clever tips and tricks here, but if you have questions, suggestions, or just need a hand in general, click the purple chat icon at the bottom right, or email [email protected] 👋 Our friendly support team will be just around the corner.

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