Are you looking for ways to add images or files to your email broadcasts or campaigns? Here's a way you can add a "wow" factor to your outreach!

Podia features a rich-text editor that allows you to format text and insert various types of content into your emails.

Using the rich-text editor you're able to insert:

  • Bold and italic text

  • Lists

  • Headings

  • Quotes

  • Links (including a mailto: link)

  • PDF files

  • Images and gifs

Text formatting (bold, italics, lists, headings, and quotes) can be done with the buttons in the editor toolbar. Inserting links, files, and embedded content is described in more detail below.

  1. Select the text you want to link

  2. Click the link icon in the editor toolbar (or press cmd + k )

  3. Enter the full URL (including the http:// prefix)

  4. Click the "Link" button

To remove a link:

  1. Select the link text within the editor

  2. Click the link icon in the editor toolbar

  3. Press the "Unlink" button

How to insert images and files

Images and files can be inserted simply by dragging them into the editor. Images will be displayed inline with the text, and other files will display a link to download them. To remove the file, select it and click the X button.

Images added to emails via this method should be a max of 640-960px in size and less that 1MB for best deliverability to all users 😊

One note: Please note that embedded content, such as a YouTube videos, will not display within an email broadcast or email campaign.

Questions? Email the friendly support folks at [email protected], or just click the purple chat icon at the bottom right 😀

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