The Podia Membership feature makes it easy to create a paid newsletter subscription for your audience. For new creators or those just starting in digital products, a paid newsletter or premium content can be a fantastic way to generate revenue.

Examples include:

  • Writers who deliver insider/vip content to their biggest fans

  • Podcasters who create special members-only episodes

  • Coaches who give extra sessions and content to clients

Newsletters have become more and more popular with the growth of platforms like SubStack and Patreon. But there are two distinct advantages to creating with Podia instead:

First - ability to diversify business revenue with courses, digital downloads, webinars, and bundles.

Second - substantial long term savings in fees. Podia is a flat monthly fee of $79 for all features while SubStack and Patreon take 5-10% of revenue. Over time that comes out to thousands of dollars!

In this short video we show you the benefits and features of setting up a paid newsletter membership on Podia. Check out our complete collection of membership setup docs on how to create a sales page, different plans, and more.

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