So you want to sell physical products using Podia? We got you covered!

Podia was originally built to be a digital product storefront, which means that when it comes to digital products, this is the perfect place!

However, you might want to sell physical goods as well. Since we are a platform focused on digital products, we won't be able to handle any fulfillment or shipping requirements for physical products.

If you're selling a low volume each month and you want to keep everything in one place - Podia is great.

That said, if you're selling these products at any kind of volume that you wouldn't be able to handle personally, then we recommend an e-commerce solution that focuses on physical products (like Shopify, for example).

In this help doc, we will show you a step-by-step process on how to collect your customers’ physical address so you can ship them your physical products!

Step 1: Enable the option “Collect customer addresses for tax reporting”

In order to collect shipping addresses from your customers you’d need to enable the option “Collect customer addresses for tax reporting” under Settings.

This will create a field during checkout, prompting your customers to enter their address information.

Note: Right now this change will affect ALL of your products. We don’t have a way to turn it off just for specific products.

Step 2: Create a new “online course” product

Create a new product for the physical good you wanna sell and set it up as an “online course”.

When editing the product, add a new text lesson like this:

💡 Pro Tip: While we don’t directly manage physical product stock, you can set up a sign-up limit for your products depending on how many units you want to sell!

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Step 3: Create a new automated email

In order to increase the communication with your customers regarding your products’ shipment information, it might be a great idea to set up a new automated email that will fire each time someone purchases the product.

Luckily, you can do this using our email campaigns feature!

Hop on over to Emails to get started on your campaign, click the “Create” button and choose “New campaign”.

Create your Campaign name and set the Entrance condition as Purchased product > Physical Product

Select it to send 0 days after entrance so it fires as soon as a customer purchases your product.

The content of the email should be pretty similar to the one you used on your course content. Here’s a good example:

Step 4: Export your sales history

In order to access your customers’ shipping addresses you need to export the customer data from this particular product.

Here’s how to do it:

This option will generate a .CSV file with your customers’ names and shipping addresses you can use to ship your sold items!

Step 4: Ship your products!

Right now you should have all the information you’ll need in order to ship your products! 📦

You can also leave them a personalized note telling them that you have shipped their products using our messaging feature.

And this is how you can sell physical products using Podia!

If you have questions or need help, email us at or click on the icon at the bottom right to chat. 😃

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