Podia allows you to embed different types of media into your site and/or course lessons.

You can embed different elements such as video & audio players, presentations and PDFs using our rich-text editor. This will boost your Podia site and help customers interact with your content in unique ways! 🤩

The following embedding options aren't what you'll use for emails. If you're looking to jazz up your broadcasts or campaigns, you'll want to look here instead!
Using the rich-text editor within an email 🤗

Note: Make sure to use the tools we will point out in this help doc, since these are the ones fully supported by us. Other tools might not embed correctly.

Table of contents:

How to embed content

To embed a certain type of content, simply paste the unique URL of the item you want to embed into our rich-text editor.

Make sure to remove any “hyperlinks” that might come with the link you just added, otherwise, it will show up as a link instead of an embedded element. Here’s how to “unlink” it:


Supported platforms: YouTube, Vimeo

You can embed video players from YouTube and Vimeo. To do it, simply copy and paste the video link into Podia’s text editor.

Here is what an embed YouTube player will look like:

Audio clips

Supported platforms: Soundcloud, Spotify

To embed audio clips, upload your files to one of these platforms and grab the audio clip unique URL.

This is a great idea if you want to share your podcasts, guided meditations, audio reviews, etc. 🎧

Here’s what a Soundcloud embed will look like:

PDF Files And Presentations

Supported platforms: Speaker Deck, Slide Share

PDF files and Presentations can be embedded on your Podia site or inside course lessons.

It will enable your customers to read these files directly on their web browsers, without the need to download it.

We currently support Speaker Deck and Slideshare. You can simply upload your files into these platforms and paste the individual links into Podia’s text editor.

Here’s what an embedded PDF file will look like:


Supported platforms: Twitter

You can also embed tweets on your Podia website and course lessons. This is a great strategy for engaging customers and also promotion any Twitter accounts you might have.

Here’s what a Twitter embed looks like:

And this is how you can embed different types of content to supercharge your Podia website! 🚀

If you have questions or need help, email us at [email protected] or click on the icon at the bottom right to chat. 😃

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